State by state graphs of COVID-19 data (from

2020 April 25
by Daniel Lakeland

I’ve got a script that grabs data from and generates several pdfs that give an overview of the pandemic situation one graph per state… I’ll try to update the graphs about weekly. But here are the ones as of today.

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  1. Mendel permalink
    April 26, 2020

    You might try graphing cases as 7days/7days, with day 8 to 14 in the past in the numerator. This gives you an easy way to compare how states are doing.

    Another neat graph is 3-day average of cases on the y-axis and 14-day sum on the x-axis, but you definitely need lines with that. The x-values are correlated to active cases, and the y-values are correlated to growth; this represents a state space of the where in the epidemic a state (or country) is, and incorporates the notion that you can return to a point where you were before. If you normalize by population, you can do comparisons, but it does compare well even if it’s not, because slope means something.


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