On IPv6 only networks and FireTV Stick

2017 October 17
by Daniel Lakeland

The FireTV stick from Amazon (I have I think version 2) is a useful bit of kit. However, while it can use ipv6 it seems as of today (FireOS October 2017) it must have an ipv4 connection in addition in order to be happy.

However, even if you give it dual-stack, it can still flake out, and the way it seems to work is it looks like it’ll be connected for a few seconds, and then it will show that “home is unavailable” and ask you to check your network settings.

If you go to settings -> about -> network you will see it has an ipv4 address and everything looks fine! what’s up? Look closer and I see that it shows a DNS address with ipv6.

The key is that ipv6 can advertise an ipv6 DNS server, and if you aren’t also DHCP advertising an ipv4 DNS server, you’ll be up a creek.

using dnsmasq on my network, what fixed this for me was:


where 10.x.x.x was my server/router running dnsmasq

If this is there, even if you have an additional:


where …… is your ipv6 for dnsmasq, firetv will seem to be happy. This seems to be because it overrides its DNS settings if it hears from dnsmasq who the DNS servers are, and if it doesn’t have any ipv4 DNS servers, it just refuses to be happy about its network connection…

Hope that helps someone.


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