Quick note on Debian upgrades w/ systemd

2015 August 20
by Daniel Lakeland

Helping the internet:

I got into a situation on Debian, doing an upgrade from before systemd where procps wouldn't install due to an error where procps was trying to start/stop itself and systemctl was returning "Failed to wait for response: Bad message" so procps wouldn't install, so udev wouldn't install so systemd wouldn't install so systemd would give the error about failed to wait for response....

solution: install sytemd via dpkg telling it to ignore dependencies on udev.... then apt-get -f install and continue my dist-upgrade.

dpkg --ignore-depends=udev --install /var/cache/...systemd... etc


Ok, the above stuff is all true as far as it goes. But do yourself a favor, just get a new Debian netinstall CD and install a brand new up to date system with systemd. Trust me, it will work better and take a lot less time and effort.

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  1. October 15, 2015

    This post is helpful and I was able to get systemd and udev upgraded in a couple minutes. Why did you strike out the text above? It works fine!

    • Daniel Lakeland
      October 15, 2015

      I think I got past this roadblock only to reach another one and another one... and decided it wasn't worth the effort compared to a fresh install which went a lot quicker. If you backup some of your /etc/ stuff you can even preserve some custom configs etc as needed. The fresh install was just faster and simpler. It may depend on your particular configuration as to how many further hurdles you have to jump.

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