What I've been doing in between the important blogging on Bayesian philosophy

2014 March 21
by Daniel Lakeland

If you follow my blog you probably know that I was a PhD student at USC. I graduated in December, so you can read my dissertation which discusses both the mechanics of liquefaction and the thermodynamics and mechanics of wave dissipation due to microscopic vibrations in a molecular solid, along with some Bayesian fitting of that ODE model.

The liquefaction research was recently published on Proceedings of the Royal Society A. My version of the preprint can be downloaded here: Grain Settlement and Fluid Flow Cause the Earthquake Liquefaction of Sand and my postprint version will be available after 12 months (though I understand the definitive version will become available from the journal after a year or so too). The supplemental materials are available as well.

The article in Proceedings A was picked up by two different news sources so far:

ABC News Australia interviewed me for their article from a week or two ago, and in the last few days ScienceNOW interviewed me and one of my advisers Amy Rechenmacher for an article that came out today.

I was particularly happy to see Ross Boulanger quoted with a favorable comment. He was a professor of mine when I did my second undergrad degree at Davis, and he definitely motivated me to think about the problems with standard liquefaction explanations.

In the mean time, I am now working on building up a consulting practice. My company is: Lakeland Applied Sciences LLC. My emphasis has been on building mathematical models of all sorts of phenomena, from things like liquefaction and wave vibration to scaling laws for the healing time of bones and cartilage, to economic decision making, to biochemical explanations for behavior. You can see examples of projects I've worked on in the past on the company web site.


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