Cooking Turkeys: I need MORE DATA!

2010 November 24
by Daniel Lakeland

Every year there is the question of how long does it take to cook a Turkey for the American holiday of Thanksgiving. Last year I collected data on my Turkey cooking. This year I would like to recruit others who are cooking Turkeys and have a nerdy inclination.

If you would like to participate, please see the previous graph (linked above) and consider collecting similar data. We need:

Turkey size (weight in lb or kg). Oven temperature and turkey temperature with time (half hour increments seem good),  take the temperature of the turkey at 3 key points: shallow in the breast, deep in the breast, and deep in the thigh, starting before you put it in the oven and continuing until you decide you are done. If you let the bird “rest” outside the oven, check the temperature at the end of this rest.

See the data that I put up from last year: thx2009

Additional information we should have: did you use an Electric or Gas oven? Was it Convection or Regular? and was the bird stuffed or unstuffed?

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