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2009 November 22
by Daniel Lakeland

You may be interested to see the About or Who Am I pages to find out more about me and the blog. The current banner image is a picture I took of a historic bridge in Neshanic New Jersey. Keeping these bridges "alive" requires asking questions like what is the probability that it will fail in the next 10 years, a topic I'm interested in because the alternative to analysis has been to either spend a ton of money keeping historic interest alive, or demolish old structures to prevent them from injuring people. Occasionally they do fail such as the I35 West bridge in Minneapolis.

Below the bridge you can see a source of additional interest. The river is a source of sand, an extremely bizarre material when you look carefully at it. In seismically active regions, sand can act like a pressurized fluid instead of a nice sturdy solid. This is the area of my current research.

Liquefaction Damage in the SF marina district (1989)

Liquefaction Damage in the SF marina district (1989)

Right now, I'm working on a Lagrangian based hybrid model of fluid pressure generation in sand. In the process I am teaching myself about Differential Geometry since this is the field of mathematics that describes Lagrangian mechanics.

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